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Angie Gullan
+258 84 330 3859
Welcome to our world, a world filled with dolphins, whales and an underwater kingdom just waiting to be explored. We invite you to take the plunge, face your fears and experience omething truly magical when coming face to face with the Dolphins of Ponta, were we experience the true essence of being wild and free!
Tel: +258 84 330 3859 I +27 11 462-8103 I Beach Drive I Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique I

Our programs have been created to ensure that a nurturing rather than needy approach is followed. No feeding, forcing or coaxing, just you and our dolfriends face to face in the big blue. An experience that often leaves us wondering ‘who is actually watching who’! The stuff dolphin dreams are made of! Senior crew on on-board consist of our dolphin surf skipper, a marine biologist and original founder Angie Gullan who has for almost 20 years been exploring
the realms of conscious interaction between dolphin and human while dedicating her life to monitoring and befriending the population of wild indo-pacific bottlenose’s she met in the December of 94.
Options are structured and are used as a data collection and educational platform that offer a special insight into the life of the wild dolphin through a program that resonates with sustainable and ethical marine mammal tourism whereby participants are actively contributing. Ponta do Ouro is situated on the southern most point of Mozambique and is easily accessible from the Kosi Bay Border or Maputo.
* Daily Launches/Boat excursions to encounter the Dolphins of Ponta * Pre-training with species, safety & ecology presentation
*Whale Viewing & Shallow reef snorkeling* (subject to season and conditions)
*Snorkeling instruction & swim facilitation if required
*Gear Included or can be hired for the duration of encountour
*Souvenir images via social networks
*DolphinCare Tribe Tee & membership (available on three & four launch packages)
O Lar do Ouro I dinner & breakfast
per person sharing min 2
7 night 4 launch encountour LS R6 470,00
3 night 3 launch encountour LS R3 510,00
Motel do Mar beach I Breakfast
per person sharing min 4
7 night 4 launch LS R3 250,00
3 night 3 launch LS R2 130,00
Suitable For
* Families I Couples I Singles
*Children from 5 years old
*Student I Corporate Getaways
*Fragile persons by arrangement
*Pregnancies by arrangement
*Special needs by arrangement
*Holistic Dolphin Retreats
For the Love of Dolphins!
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