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Just Labels has been supplying personalised labels to families throughout South Africa since 1996. All our products are fully guaranteed. Our customers return to us year after year for our high quality products and excellent service. Just Labels’ products include: Plastic labels for marking school stationery and shoes, Iron-on and sew-on name labels for clothing, Personalised gift labels for all those birthday parties. Address labels, Brightly coloured motivational stickers. Our efficient online ordering system makes life easy and you can track your order from time of order to dispatch.

Our peel-and-stick stationery labels can also be used on lunch boxes, sports equipment, DVD covers and toys. They are plastic and hard-wearing

The iron-on labels can be applied to shirts, dresses, socks, towels, etc. They have a strong adhesive and the print will not wash out.

The shoe labels have a protective clear sticker overlay which prevents the name from wearing off.

Personlised address labels Labels available in black, white and gold.

Tired of spending a fortune on birthday cards? Here’s a cheaper alternative!
You can customise your own birthday stickers and Christmas stickers.
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