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Pathways-Pretoria is a non-profit organisation, initiated in August 2002 and co-founded by parents in their quest to find school accommodation for children with various disabilities. These parents found themselves frustrated with the lack of available information, assistance, services as well as a lack of appropriate facilities to cater for their children’s special needs. It was almost impossible to find a facility that was providing intensive one-on-one stimulation that was catering for the current needs of these children, as well as providing for their future needs and assisting them in becoming contributing members of society.

Currently the centre serves a total of a 110 learners, 70 children aged 3 – 15 and 40 young adults with varied needs. A staff of 2 principals, 13 teachers and 45 assistants provide services to these children. The centre has also employed three young adults with intellectual disabilities in the form of an administrative assistant and facilitators.

We provide services to children with one or more of the following conditions:
Severe mental and physical disabilities
Speech impairments
Blindness and visual impairments
Hearing impairments
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