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Cedarwood School

113 Dunmaglass Road, Glenferness, Lonehill, ,
011 465-9830
Where available
Lonehill, Johannesburg
011 465-9830
A small primary school in the congenial setting of Glenferness, north of Lonehill, for children who have mild to moderate support needs which prevent them from coping adequately in a mainstream school environment.

Our aim is:
To restore lost confidence and resilience
To strengthen and motivate
To instill a love of self
To instill a love of learning
To uphold universal norms and values
In order to interconnect positively with humanity, the environment and the world beyond.
Working on an educator to learner ratio of 1:5 and a maximum of 13 pupils per class, our school can intensely remediate and assist the learner in developing strengths while resolving learning difficulties.
In addition, we offer:
Additional educators as class assistants in each Grade 0 to Grade 2 class.
Support therapists in speech therapy and remedial therapy as in class support and therapy in small groups.
Weekly Reading Laboratory with a remedial specialist for Grade 2 to Grade 7.
Life skills and life orientation classes taught by the school’s educational psychologist.
Dedicated arts, D&T, computer, music teachers and professional sports coaches.
If your child requires more intensive, individual attention, a full range of therapists are available throughout the day in all therapies.
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