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Our personalised photograph handbag shopper/beach bag or backpack is the perfect gift. These unique and classy bags have 1 to 9 plastic windows to personalise with your own photographs, are an ever-changing bag to accommodate your child’s/grandchild’s/niece/nephew or family’s growing stages or events. Your photographs are easily interchangeable and the bags are durable making for long lasting memories. The bags can be theme related, black & white, sepia or colour. The choices are endless.

You can even advertise your company and grab extra brand exposure whilst you are shopping or just doing your everyday tasks! You can be as creative as you want! Your Bag of Love can be updated with new photographs at any given time, all you need to do is select your favorite photo’s, have them printed, cut the photo’s to the size of the window, remove your old photo’s from the plastic windows and replace with the new, it is that simple!

It is a very unique and fun way for mothers/grannies/auntie’s to show off their little angel/s!! It is the perfect gift or just spoil yourself!
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