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Provides family life education services and products nationally. The goal/philosophy of Parents Toolshop® programs is to empower parents to think for themselves by teaching them a unique, reliable problem-solving method that helps them find individualized solutions to their parenting challenges.

Avoid Common Parenting Pitfalls with Custom-Designed Solutions That Fit Your Needs, Using a Proven Step-by-Step Plan.

Dear Fellow Parent,
Don’t even think of buying another parenting book until you read about the “Universal Blueprint® Parenting Success Formula.” This letter offers an introduction to a once-secret step-by-step problem-solving system that can help any parent can plan an individualized effective response to any parenting challenge — in minutes!

For the past 25 years I’ve taught thousands of parents from diverse backgrounds not only parenting basics, but even highly advanced concepts and skills many family-service professionals don’t even know!
The parents who learn the most and get the most results are those who:
Are open to ideas that long-term research have proven effective.
Focus on long-term results instead of quick fixes.
If you are committed to becoming the best parent you can be, then I can teach you a simple process that will free you from depending on anyone for advice, including parenting “experts” like me!

Very Few Parents Have Identified Their Parenting Goals;
Even Fewer Have a PLAN and the Skills They Need to Achieve Those Goals.
When it comes to the language and action skills that are part of effective parenting, “Parental love may come naturally, but effective parenting skills are learned.“

The Universal Blueprint® Parenting Success Formula is not one universal solution that supposedly cures any parenting problem.
Do you feel overwhelmed thinking you need to be prepared to solve a gazillion potential parenting problems? Of course! So most of us say, “I’ll just figure things out as they happen.”
We might have ideas and opinions about how to parent, maybe even have pretty good skills, but we don’t really have a plan for preventing problems or responding to those that arise. We just use trial-and-error to figure things out.
Trial-and-Error Parenting Gives Quick Fixes That Seem to Work… At First… But Usually Has Negative Side-Effects You Won’t See Until Later, When You’ve Got a Bad Habit or a Bigger Problem!

Take this quick quiz: How many of these unexpected results have you experienced?

We try being flexible, but look wishy-washy instead.
We praise children, but they argue with our compliment!
We tell children not to do something, but they turn around and do it anyway!
When we try to negotiate a solution to a power struggle, we end up giving in!
When we set the rules, our children seek and find loopholes.
When we tell children to calm down, they get more upset!
When we try to get our children to open up and talk, they clam up even more!
When we express our concerns, children roll their eyes
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