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Brain Gym® in South Africa

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Anneke Thordsen
The training centre in South Africa, which teaches the internationally recognised Brain Gym ® and Educational Kinesiology Learning Track.

Brain Gym ® is a set of sensory-motor exercises based on the natural movements that kids do as they move through the developmental phases. These sensory-motor exercises develop the neural connections between the senses and the brain and the limbs and the muscles.

What is Educational Kinesiology (Edu-K)?

Educational Kinesiology, (Edu-K) stands for Learning through movement. We use Edu-K to assist clients to unlock their potential. We do this by formulating goals and finding out what is internally blocking the client from reaching his/her goals. We use specialised techniques to diffuse the blocks. This creates a bridge for new learning or action. Go to the Success Stories page, to view a selection of our many successes.

How are Brain Gym ® and Edu-K related?

The relationship between Edu-K and Brain Gym ® is explained with the diagram on the left. Brain Gym is a part of Edu-K, but it is just the tip of the iceberg of what a person can do to improve the quality of their lives.

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