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Hello Kitty: Big Adventure: My First Sticker Book
Author: Ladybird

Come and explore the magical world of Hello Kitty!
Are you ready to join Hello Kitty on her amazing adventure
in this fun sticker scene book? Follow her journey from the
park to the farm, funfair, beach - and more!  Little ones will
love reading the story and completing the colourful scenes
with the special big stickers.


 The very hungry caterpillar Doodle Book

 9780141352237 3  

ISBN: 9780141352237
Format: Paperback
Recommended Price: R145.00
Published: April 2014

About the book:

With simple pictures of Eric Carle's best-loved creations, including
the Very Hungry Caterpillar, for children to finish and colour. This
delightful doodle book will provide hours of fun for little artists,
encouraging creativity and stirring the imagination.







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The Sports Book

How Parenting Affects Your Child's Brain



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Dear Readers

I decided that 2013 has to be different. Last year was an awful one for me. I'm not that old, but I am old enough to have heard, seen or felt most of "this" before. At the end of last year I was banging on about how our kids are spoilt with too many toys, and how so much of the same rubbish is being dished up at the movies and on TV time after time. So I'm sitting in front of my PC wondering how this year I will keep you reading week after week. How will I challenge you, keep you entertained? How will I leave you with something to think about EACH WEEK THAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE IN YOUR LIFE? It's a bit of a challenge! I don't know if you get bored like I do. But if you don't get bored then perhaps this year you should try it. I am finding boredom and embracing it during 2013.

What do I mean? Well, every emotion we have originates somewhere and I have decided that if I feel bored I need to find out why and make a change. I will give you an example of what I mean. Yesterday I looked for a book to read on Amazon and I eventually downloaded a preview of a book my sister recommended. I started reading it and I could feel a haze coming over my brain. What really got to me in the end was the name of one of the characters in the book. His name was Rocky Van Dirbin. What possessed the author to use such a silly name? I know that it wasn't just the character's name that put me in a haze, it was that nothing in the first 15 pages really meant anything.  I closed the Kindle application and Googled "the top 100 books to read while alive". On the list I saw the title "The Life of Pi". It's a book highly recommended. The cover put me off a bit, but I thought that it could hardly be worse than the book i tried earlier. I downloaded the preview and have hardly stopped reading. I am now halfway through the book and I have loved every chapter. I am totally enthralled by the Story, the storytelling, the characters and the plot. Now this is a book worth reading. The main character is Pi, and the reason he is named Pi is an interesting tale in itself. I won't spoil the book for you, instead I urge you to read it. And so far it's the kind of book you could read with your family. When you read a Story (with a capital S) it isn't boring, or dull, it's not "same old, same old", rather it should be entertaining, thought provocing, amusing and cognitively engaging. 

If you get bored with anything this year, whether it be my newsletters, or some other newsletters you receive, books, movies, people, conversations etc, then embrace the feeling. Take the feeling on board and think about why it is boring. Maybe it's your subconscious telling you it is rubbish. When you identify the raeason why its boring do something about it.  Maybe people will lokk at you weirdly or think you are strange but who cares? Sometimes I'm listening to friends or acquaintences and I feel so disconnected from them. They don't look at me when I am speaking, they drone on without really connecting to me either. Another example - I met an old friend, not a good friend but someone I saw at my kids school everyday for about 5 years. She is really nice and I always considered her a friend. Anyway we are catching up, as one does outside Pick n Pay, and we each ask after the kids etc. Then she says how are you Jill? I said "actually I'm not doing too well."  my "friend didnt even blink, she just started rattling off about something else and as I watched her I realised that she is so disconnected she could be talking to any old stranger. I realised that so many of our conversations, well at least a lot of the ones I am involved in, are with people who are disconnected to themselves, to their lives and to their environments. I don't want to be like that. So if you don't get bored, maybe you should wonder why you don't get bored. Perhaps you are disconnected too? Is your life stimulating, are you making the most of your job, and are your family relationships stimulating and real? If you can't answer "yes" to these questions maybe you are in a slump, and just plodding along? 

I don't want to ever be disconnected again. I don't want to waste precious time talking and listening to rubbish. I know I am not the only one who feels like this, and I know that many people are so bored, disconnected or swamped with "busyness" that they can't think straight. So 2013, I've decided to do things differently, and it's not going to be boring.

Regards, Jill Murray

There are many good articles on our website that you may not have seen. You can view the articles by myself and Kirsten Long on this link http://www.kidsnews.co.za/articles.html

 For the detaiils of productions please check our Whats On Menu or Click here

Catalina Theatre (Durban) 031 3057612

Atterbury Theatre -( Pretoria) Address - Corner Lynnwood Road and Daventry Street, Lynnwood. Bookings through Computicket

Promusica Theatre (Jhb)  or http://www.promusica.co.za/ Address 00 Christiaan de Wet Road Florida Park, Roodepoort


Emperors Palace Theatre

Artscape Theatre Catalina Theatre  Booking is on 031-305 6889 or on Strictly Tickets between 9am and 4pm from Monday – Friday and between 9am – 1pm Saturdays. Box office is closed on Sundays but tickets are available online or on the website 18 Boatman's Road, Wilson's Wharf, Durban

Rhumbelow theatre - Durban

The National Children’s Theatre (NCT) 3 Junction Avenue, Parktown 011 484 1584/5

Barnyard Theatres in Menlyn, Boksburg, Broadacres and Cresta

Joburg Theatre

Masque Theatre Foyer in Muizenberg Elton on 083 364 8284 or (021) 558-2650. Or call the MasqueTheatre on (021) 788-7911
Lilliput Players Elton on 083 364 8284

Kalk Bay Theatre  http://www.kbt.co.za/

Peoples Theatre (Braamfontein, Johannesburg) Johannesburg Civic Theatre Complex, Loveday Street, Braamfontein.

Agencies/Theatre Production Comapnies

Stage Works Performing Arts - http://www.stageworxperformingarts.co.za/


For a list of all the childrens theatres with contact details click here




National Childrens Theatre - Venue: 3 Junction Avenue Parktown, performances Mondays to Saturdays at 10:30 and 14:30. BOOKING ESSENTIAL. Tel: 011 484 1584/5 or Computicket: 083-915-8000.

Charlottes Web - 12 March - 4 June (ticket giveaway - see our competition page)


Peoples Theatre: Venue: Peoples Theatre, Cnr Loveday/Hoofd St, Braamfontein, Johannesburg.  Time: Mon to Fri 9am & 11am, Sat 10.30am & 2.30pm. To book Tel: 011 403-1563 / 2340. We have tickets to give away.

The Gingerbread Man - 4 June - 5 August 2012

Delvera and Spectrum Productions Children’s Theatre (Stellenbosch)  - every Sunday at 12h00, transport children to a magical fairytale world. Parents can either join in the fun, or leave the children watching the play in a safe and supervised environment while they browse through the many arts and crafts shops on the farm offering handcrafted items ranging from designer clothes, organic beauty products, linen, jewellery, cards and decorations to paintings in all mediums. After the show bring dad for a scrumptious lunch at Simonsberg Café.  Ticket prices for the shows are R40 per person (child or adult), and performances last between 45 to 55 minutes. For more information contact Delvera on 021 884 4352.

Artscape Theatre - Book at Computicket or Artscape Dial-a-Seat 021 421 7695.   For block bookings contact Cheryl on 021 423 2675.   Book early.

Catalina Theatre  (Durban) - For bookings call the Catalina box office 031 3056889


Menlyn Barnyard Theatre - (012) 368 1555


CEDARWOOD SCHOOL  A remedial primary school which practices inclusion.  By this we mean that most of our pupils have normal cognitive abilities but have a specific learning problem eg; dyslexia, dyscalculia, language based learning difficulties and they will follow the mainstream syllabus. etc, but we do include up to 3 more “high support need” learners in the regular classroom.  These children could have cognitive difficulties, autism, physical disabilities etc.  Often they will need their own facilitator to assist them in being part of the inclusive environment, but some cope adequately on their own. Contact:Jayne Eurelle Principal - Tel 011 465-9830 Fax 0866549739 Email

CHILDREN'S DISABILITY CENTRE catering for blind and visually impaired up to the age of 6 years and autistic children up to the age of 16. The centre is in Parktown and the contact details are: Nerina Nell 011 643 3050 or Susan Daly 083 442 7717 Email Susan or look at the website

FOOTPRINTS caters for children from 4 - 9 with Special . The aim is to create a centre of learning where students can realise their full potential by providing a comprehensive, individually orientated education of the highest standard. To provide a sound foundation for meeting the tasks and challenges of future learning. Using Visual, auditory and kinesthetic teaching techniques.
Audiblox Therapy, Water Therapy (in summer months), Animal Assisted Therapy, Individualized learning portfolios Life Skills. There is a maximum of 10 children per class and they have support therapy with a Clinical Social Worker on the premises. Address: Jan K Marais St, Malanshof, Randburg, Johannesburg Contact: Tel: 791-5412 Email  and Website

HEDGEHOG HOUSE FOR HARD OF HEARING AND LANGUAGE DELAYED CHILDREN For children from 3 to 6 years of age in Allensnek, Johannesburg. Both English and Afrikaans children are included. A maximum of 6 children are included in a class. The curriculum at Hedgehog House includes: Vocabulary Enrichment and Conversation, Perceptual Training, Number Work, Phonics, Fine Motor Activities, Gross Motor Activities, Art and Music. School hours are from 08:00 – 13:00 Monday to Thursday and 08:00 – 12:00 on Fridays. A teacher is on duty from 07:30. Aftercare available until 17:30. Diana Patricios HDE(JCE) B.Ed.Hons. Deaf Education(Wits) Inclusion:Barriers to Learning/Learning Difficulties(UNISA) For more details please phone 073 775 9699 or email Diana

JAPARI is an independent school catering for children from Grade 0 - 7 with learning potential, but who struggle within the conventional mainstream educational system. Japari consists of an academic staff of specialist teachers and a multi-disciplinary team comprising Speech and Language, Occupational, Play, Physio, Remedial, Music and Art Therapists.  Each child entering Japari has an Individual Education Plan developed catering for that particular child's strengths and weaknesses. The Therapy and Assessment centre offers a wide spectrum of assessments in the stated areas above including psycho-educational assessments, school readiness and career guidance. Address: Dundalk Ave, Parkview, Johannesburg Contact: 011 646-2132 Website  or Email  

LEARNWRITE Remedial Therapy and Assisted Learning. Full and part-time, individualised and small group tuition - Educational Assessment. Contact: Helen on 083 256 2288 / Nicky on 084 208 1800 / 011 475 1493 or Email

LINX REMEDIAL SCHOOL offer small classes(no more than 8) and specialised educational therapy at the school for children who are not progressing in the school environment. If your child has concentration problems or poor self esteem we can help you. Address: Germiston, Gauteng. Contact the school at 011-6090857 or email Mrs Koking (National Instite for Learning Difficulties) Website

RADFORD HOUSE Catering for the unique needs of "gifted" or bright learners, we are renowned for our individualised, sensitive and enriching approach to education and the development of critical thinking from grades 000 to 7.  Our aim is to nurture a love of learning in an environment which is warm, comfortable and unlimited in scope and opportunity. Address: Cornelius Street, Fairland, Johannesburg Tel: 011 478 8164 Cell: 082 804 8469 Fax: 011 678 2101 Contact: Shona Email & Website
THE MAPLE TREE is an early intervention support centre to support and stimulate a small group of children aged 3 to 6 with mild to moderate support needs. Independent development programmes (IDP's) are designed for each child by parents, teachers and relevant therapists, with continued assessment and monitoring of progress. There is an extensive outdoor equipment especially designed by an occupational therapist.  Situated in a beautiful country setting with a farmyard at the school. Onsite speech therapy and physical interventions such as swimming, pony rides, sensory garden, animal interaction, kids on ball and motor development equipment is available. The maple tree works closely with the occupational therapists at the Child Integration Centre in Lonehill and the relevant doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists and physiotherapists. Address:  Kyalami, Midrand Phone: 084 406-8795

UNITY COLLEGE Learners entering Unity College have delayed scholastic ability and perform below their chronological age in various school subjects. Many of our learners experience difficulty with learning to read, write or perform number operations. These problems may be due to motor accidents, birth trauma, hereditary disorders, medical conditions and/or general developmental delays. Contact: Debbie Millar Tel: 011-465-2422/3 Cell: 076 283 3811 Fax: 011-467-3501 Email &    Website 

WILLOWS PLACE caters with small classes for children with mild developmental delays, Sensory Processing Disorder and Asperger's Syndrome. There is a strong focus on social skills, language development & building self-esteem. Incorporating Audiblox, music and art. Individual attention. The group concentrates on school readiness, and is aimed at ages 4-8 years. Address: Blairgowrie, Johannesburg Contact Details Tel. 011 787-8220 Cell 083 626 3615 Email  

Check out events and outings in Rustenberg

Saturday Hi-Tea Extravaganza Hunters Rest Mountain Resort - Times: 12h00 to 16h00 Every Saturday.  Join us for a sweet and savoury extravaganza. Make Saturday afternoon a special occasion with your friends, mum or daughters and enjoy different teas coffee and a selection of sweet or savoury treats while listening to soothing live music. Bring your husband or father with, and they can enjoy our executive 9 hole golf course at a discounted rate while you unwind in our lounge where they can join you afterwards. Reservations are essential. Tel: 014 537 8300.

Goblin’s Cove Fantasy Restaurant - Rustenburg Country Lunches - Location: R24 Magaliesburg/Hekpoort Tel: Tel: +27(0)14 576 2143

Malichri Restaurant & Function Venue- Sunday Carvery, Feast with the Lions, Bird Watching, Hiking, Adventure Course, Team Building, Game Drive. N4 from Rustenburg towards Swartruggens just 4km after Koster turn-off (R52). Tel: +27(0)82 719 9695

Orange Grove Restaurant - Sunday Lunch from 11h30 A La Carte 7 Days a week R24 / krugersdorp rd. Tel: 0832760973

Shingwedzi Family Restaurant & Pub - Located on the Rustenburg/ Rustenburg Platinum Mine (RPM) Road. Tel: 082 806 4694

SkyDive Rustenburg - Discover SkyDiving… Exhilarating! Thrilling! Unforgettable! Your Tandem SkyDive and Freefall experience couldn’t be easier or more fun, no previous skydiving experience is required.  Advance Bookings Essential. Subject to Bookings and Availability.
Tel: 079 345 7058.

Port Elizabeth

Humewood Beachfront -  Peruse along the Humewood Beachfront and see the local flea market traders.  This flea market stretches along the promenade between the King's Beach parking area to the McArthur's Baths.   The flea market operates from 8am till late afternoon, every Saturday and Sunday during the year. Tel: 041 360 1865

Holmeleigh Farmyard - animal touch & feed farm. Read more

Paintball Heaven Field is now open Monday -Sunday 09:00 - 17:00 for paint balling parties. Field & shop address : 48 Victoria drive Walmer P.E This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Shop & bookings office , fax : 041 581 0330 Elizabeth cell : 082 798 4870

Garden Lovers Garden Centre is located in a relaxed countryside atmosphere, along Kragga Kamma Road. Children can enjoy exciting fun activities in a enclosed kiddies play area while you sit back, relax and enjoy a hearty breakfast or a selection of tea treats at the restaurant. Garden lovers can browse around the Centre and select a wide range of plants and garden accessories. Kragga Kamm Road, Theescombe 041 379 3745
ADULTS ONLY - MYSTERY GHOST BUS TOUR  - Groups of 30 or more - Any Night. Teambuilding, Birthdays, Bachelors, Bachelorettes, Clubs  Try the EVP on our website Bookings through Computicket or Checkers/Shoprite


The Boma Reptile World - Tours last 30–45 minutes. Reptile demonstrations take place daily at 11am and 2pm.  424 Sardinia Bay Rd, Lovemore Park Cost: R45 per adult and R25 per child under 12. Telephone: 041 366 1591 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Petit Four Coffee Garden - Childrens party venue, tea parties, jungle gym read more

Bayworld - Daily guided tours of the exhibit will take place at 12:15. Entry to Bayworld, which includes access to the Oceanarium, Museum, Snake Park and Dinosaur exhibit is R40 for adults, R25 for children (three to 17 years) and R35 for pensioners and students with valid identifications documents. Children under the age of three enter for free. Daily activities, including a variety of tours, animal presentations as well as animal feeding sessions will also take place throughout the holiday period. The newly opened onsite Bella Bay Café offers a scrumptious selection of breakfasts, light lunches and decadent cakes. A delicious homemade three course Sunday lunch is available at R75 per person, while children under 12 half price – booking is essential. The stylishly decorated shop also offers an interesting variety of curio for sale.
Daily Activities - Daily activities
Mondays 11:00 and 15:00  - Seal and penguin presentations,
Tuesdays 11:00 and 15:00  - Seal and penguin presentations,   12:00 and 14:00  -  Behind the Scenes tour of the Snake Park
Wednesdays   11:00 and 15:00 - Seal and penguin presentations  12:00 (alternate Wednesdays) -     Snake feeding
Thursday  11:00 and 15:00  - Seal and penguin presentations and 12:00 and 14:00  -   Behind the Scenes tour of the Snake Park
Friday  11:00 and 15:00  -  Seal and penguin presentations 
Saturday 11:00 and 15:00  -  Seal and penguin presentations 
Sunday   11:00 and 15:00  -   Seal and penguin presentations

Fresh Food Unlimited @ St Georges Park - Food Market (PE) Please join us on the 1st Sunday of each month Read more




Jo’burg Child Welfare is urgently looking for the following items for our children’s home in Soweto.

Bunk Beds
Linen for single beds (including duvet and pillow inners)
Table and chairs
All other kitchen utensils
Throws/blankets for couches
Bedside lamps

If you can assist us in anyway, please contact 011 298 8565 and we will arrange someone to collect your donations. 

Maureen runs a creche in Diepsloot - Bambi Care. Her passion for children and the dire need she saw in her community prompted her to start the crèche in 2006.  She currently has 35 children ranging from 11 months to 6 years and opens her doors at 05h00 in the morning and many of the children only leave after 19h30 in the evening when the parents of these toddlers return from work. She has wanted to buy a house to run the creche but was only able to find one to rent and the owners are wanting to sell the property.  In order to try and pay for this she has taken a job  teaching special needs children in Jukskei Park and has managed to save R10 000.  She unfortunately needs R65 000 to buy the house and the owner has given her the next 6 months to come up with the money. She is in desperate need of funds in order to buy the house and is willing to pay the money back to the donor but for all obvious reasons she doesn’t qualify for such a loan from a standard financial institution.  She is in the process of setting up Bambi Care up as an NPO – this is however a lengthily process and time is not on her side – this also means that she is unable to assist with any CSI tax certificates at this point in time, however, Maureen is setting up a separate bank account to act as a trust account for the funds to be used to purchase the property.

Maureen appeals to any corporate or individuals to open their hearts and assist these children under Maureen’s love and guidance to assist in raising enough funds to purchase the house they know as home. Each little bit will help in getting closer to a dream for so many of our future leaders.  No offer will be too small.

If you need more information, please contact: 083 324 0320 or Email   & Website. Registered as a non profit organisation N.P.O. 051-318, Public Benefit Organisation P.B.O. 930 026 251

Help feed the giraffes. Before you toss away that tree branch or foliage, there is a long necked animal who might appreciate it more than the dumpsters.  The Joburg Zoo is appealing to members of the public within the vicinity of the zoo to help out with browse fodder for the giraffes. According to Sandra Hlungwani, giraffes are predominately browsers, as 75 per cent of their diet consist of plant materials. Although the zoo is doing its best to provide them with brose daily, it is not enough, given the fact that the amount of browse they receive is either too little or of low nutritional value. The animals feed predominately on leaves of the following plant species: mulberry, Rhys Iance, Acacia sub-species, Celtic African Jacaranda tree and other edible species. Details: Piet Malepa at 082 437 0266 or 011 646-2000 ext 249

Uitkoms is a registered Children’s Home that offers shelter, protection and counseling to girls of every race and religion.   We have a vacancy for a bilingual resident Housemother with sober habits and recent references. Must be in possession of a valid driver’s license. No dependants.  Previous experience managing teenage girls an advantage.   To start 1 May 2008 or by arrangement. Salary on request.   Fax CV to: 011 487 1183 or E-mail   Enquiries: Mrs Elmien Potgieter (011) 648 0400

"WIGGLES" playgroup in Alberton North requires help. They help parents and children that can not afford more than R400 a month for daycare. At the moment there are 28 children at the school, from 6.30 till 7.00 at night sometimes. The school is not making any profit at the moment.  They are in need of a few things. Like tables, Chairs, Furniture, Books, TV, Stuff for the baby section, Cots, Plates Cups, Story Books, Matresses. Playmats. TOYS TOYS TOYS. Paint to paint the classrooms, carpet's.  They even need help with burglar proofing for the windows. They require Playgyms anything you can think of. Every little bit will help. Wiggles Playgroup is not asking for any money only require some equipment to better the education and we would like to make the classrooms fun for the children. Please contact JOHN on 072 088 0091 he will gladly collect anything that you have. You are more then welcome to visit the school at No 6 Porthean, Street, Alberton North.

Hi All, I would like to introduce an amazing woman and her family. Nomonde looks after 32 abandoned and HIV/AIDS children aged around 4 months to 9 years. She does this with help from her 3 grown up children. They do most things themselves such as giving these children love, food and shelter. They also pay for just about everything themselves including paying the rent (R6 500 a month plus water and lights), buying medicines and food out of their own pocket although they do get donations of food, but never know what they will receive.  If you or your company can help them in any way she would be truly grateful. There are many things that they need and any help is appreciated and will help her to provide these children with a loving and caring home.

The list of items they use and need regularly are:

Nappies: Pampers sizes 1,2, 3, Any baby wipes, Formula: Nan Perlargon, Promil S26 6-12 months and S26 3, Nan Starter 1 and follow up, 2, Nido 1+ growing milk. Panado, multi vitamin, DPH cough mixture (she normally buys 2½ litres at R360 a bottle which lasts on average 2 weeks to a month). Normal toiletries like toothpaste, toothbrushes, sunlight bath soap, toilet paper. Household cleaning products like dishwashing liquid, washing machine soap Savlon and Detol etc. We would like to get Crèche guard for her to build up the kid’s immunity. Linen: sheets, duvets and covers, pillow and covers  ESPECIALLY blankets for winter. Food is always welcome, especially kids cereals (Nestum, oats etc), they use 7 loaves of bread a day.  Meat, mielie meal and other basic foods like fruit and vegetables. They also need beds for the children as well as Nomonde. They sleep on thin mattresses on the floor. Nomonde herself also has no bed to sleep on. Thanks for your support. Aniki 082 7353440

The Teddy Bear Clinic for Abused Children is very short of second-hand clothing for girls aged between 4 - 14yrs. Your donated clothing would be most appreciated! Please could donations be dropped of at the 2 Floor, TMI Building, cnr Empire Road and Joubert Str Ext, Parktown, between 08:00am and 16:00pm from Mon to Fri. Karen Bailey 011 481-5118. Your help is most appreciated!

THE SALVATION ARMY - Firlands children's Home have an annual fund raising Fete each year. They are desperately looking for a group of volunteers to help sort out goods that have been given to them to sell on the day. This entails sorting through the goods for each stall, bagging and pricing them as well. The Volunteers usually meet on a Saturday morning but are most welcome to come and give their time on weekdays as well. The home is situated in Linden JHB. Any one who is interested can contact Roxanne on 083 625 9353 or Elaine on 011 476-3576. Help is desperately needed and would be most appreciated!

6 Easy parenting Tips

Jill Murray is the author of this eBook - 6 Easy Parenting Tips.

Jill is a divorced mom of 3 teens and draws from her extensive experience in raising 3 children on her own. Parenting is not an easy feat and there will be some trials along the way. Learn how, in this easy to read eBook, you can train yourself to be a Super Parent in a matter of a few weeks. The cost of the book is USD 5 (revised edition coming soon)



Holiday Kids Activity eBook


21 pages of activities for you to download to keep your child  busy at home this holiday.
As soon as we have received the payment confirmation an email will be sent with the download link. Payment is USD2 

  Sight Word Lists 11 lists 


BlankThis is a download of 11 lists of dolsch or sight words to help your child with spelling and reading. Payment is USD2



Maths Times Tables from 1 to 12 and a list of prime numbers (coming soon)


MONKEYNASTIX - Become part of our world of fun & fitness! Invest in your child’s future physical and mental development. Our aim is to develop a culture of Healthy Living for our Monkeynastix-members and their families. All of our instructors are professionally training and qualified. Boys and Girls ages 1 – 8 years

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