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Whether your kid has ADD or ADHD, what do you think about it? What are your experiences? DO you think medication is the way to go? Or should you look at alterntive methods? Perhaps you are sick of everyone blaming their kids bad behaviour on something you think is just plain bad manners? I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

Resourse for Add/hd - how to help your child end Adhd naturally... your child can become happier and successful at school and life click here for more information

Home work and Projects - Yippee or Nooooooooo!

Do you want to run away when you hear that your child has another project to do? Do you send hours helping your child or does it all end in a fight? Or are you the type of parent that thinks there can never be enought homework, bring it on...

Wake up from the homework nightmare

Do you think its a good idea to tell your spouse that you cheated?

Does the truth always come out? Is it better to tell the truth and take the chance that all will be forgiven, or all will be lost? Or do you hold back and deal with your own guilty conscience?

Would you take your spouse back if they admitted to cheating?

What is cheating anyway? Is it browsing on the internet and watching porn? Does it include flirting with people over sms or chat groups? 

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Tips to make a parents life easier..

How can we make our lives as parents easier? I could do with some tips as I am sure you can. We all sometimes need something that saves us a little sanity everyday Share some of your tips with us. It doesnt matter how old your kids are -  babies, toddlers, pre teens, teenagers, even adult kids. After all although they grow up we are always parents.



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