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Bring out the best in others. Kirsten Long

A friend of mine is going through some tough times: working extremely long hours and holding things together at work. The situation is likely to continue for the foreseeable future. Like most of us, she is tough; she can do it; she’ll pull through. But what she is desperately craving is a little bit of acknowledgment and appreciation from her management. Sadly, she’s not likely to get it. This leaves her feeling down, de-motivated and dejected.

This got me thinking about what a difference a kind and appreciative word can make. If we know that people appreciate what we are doing, we’ll happily carry on with our tasks. Think about the last time someone thanked you, or told you how much you meant to them. Remember that warm feeling you got inside of you? Remember about how you were determined to do more?

This memory is an important clue as to how you can get the best out of the people around you: be kind; be appreciative. Mark Thurstone, in his book “Edgar Cayce’s Guide to Spirituality for Busy People”, (one of my favourite books) says it beautifully: “Probably what you’ve felt whenever you’ve been on the receiving end of kindness is simply this: a desire and willingness to recommit even more of yourself to the job, the family, or the relationship. Kindness had an extraordinary power that calls forth the best in people. What makes it so magical is how little it takes to get huge results.”

Need I say more?
Find a way, every day, to bring out the best in someone...

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