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Changing beliefs. Are you READY to learn? by Kirsten Long

I was sitting in the dentist’s chair the other day having my teeth cleaned. I HATE having my teeth cleaned, but I go regularly (I discovered that day that it wasn’t  as regularly as I thought) because I like the feeling of sparkling teeth, and I believe it’s a healthy thing to do.

So I’m sitting there, really NOT enjoying myself, when I realised that I am totally being in the present moment. I couldn’t be more present if I tried.

That’s interesting I thought. There are many times when I want to be in the present moment, but my monkey mind keeps wandering around to other places.  I thought then that all I needed to do was to NOT be in the present. After all, I know how to do THAT well. This way I would get through the half hour without so much discomfort. I tried to get my mind to go away to some more pleasant places, even to think about the problems I was experiencing, or to visualize my perfect day. I could not do it. I kept coming back to the awful, uncomfortable present.

This morning I sat and contemplated the dental experience. What was it that (almost) forced me to be in the present moment? Usually I battle to do this, especially for an extended period. Suddenly I really got what many teachers out there have been trying to teach me; people like Eckard Tolle, Wendy Palmer, Wayne Dyer and many more. One of the quickest and easiest ways to become present is to focus on your physical body – the sensations you are experiencing, the weight of your body, the different feeling in the different parts of your body. The dental hygienist was doing that for me – stretching my mouth and lips, scraping and pulling at my teeth, and pasting my teeth with dreadful tasting stuff – all physical sensations – and my mind was truly focused on being in the chair in the moment.

Focusing on your physical body brings you into the present moment. This is why when you are about to pray or meditate or do some ‘mind-spirit’ exercise, you usually start with focusing on your breath, or parts of your body. This quietens down the mind, and enables you to engage in a meaningful way.

Never did I expect to learn something of this nature from a dental hygienist. Never did I expect a dental hygienist to help me really GET something. Life is full of surprises. I now also see and get this truth: When the student is ready, the teacher will appear!

So what is a life coach?

The essence of coaching is to help a client formulate clear and achievable goals. The coach then helps the client work out what steps are needed to achieve the goals and to identify the resources that are required. The coach supports the client in achieving these goals in a facilitative, but non-directive, manner. Coaching does not involve being told what to do or how to do it; rather it helps the client to find their own way to achieve their dreams. For more information on Life Coaching contact Kirsten Long on 082 801 7513 or go to the website to see if coaching can provide the support you need to reach for your dreams.

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