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Personal Sabbath by Kirsten Long

Modern technology is wonderful, isn’t it? Today, we have laptops and also access to our emails and internet on our cell phones.  This means that we can carry on with aspects, if not all, of our work, even when we are not in the office, which is great. However, it also means that our work goes with us wherever we go. What I have seen from my coaching work, is that the workplace consistently encroaches on our private time, and mostly we are not even conscious of it – is has become the norm.

This is all very well, but is it not for nothing that the Creator rested on the 7th day.

There is an awful lot of wisdom in taking a complete break once a week, so that we are refreshed and rejuvenated for the week ahead. It does not matter which day you take a personal Sabbath – for some people this is depicted by their religion, others may be able to choose a day. What is important is that you use the day doing things that speak to your soul, that connect you spiritually in a meaningful way – prayer, visiting your place of worship, meditation, journaling, reading – whatever works for you. Where possible avoid chores, shopping malls and people who drain your energy. Become severely selfish about creating this time for yourself.  Giving yourself this time and space will allow you to be your best self in the week ahead; serving others in whatever way is required of you. As Sarah Ban Breathnach says in Simple Abundance: “the Sabbath is for: reverence, rest, renewal, rejuvenation, reassuring rituals, recreation, rejoicing, revelation, remembering how much you have to be grateful for, and saying ‘thank you’!” Give yourself the special gift of doing activities on this day that are uplifting for you.

Back to technology – on your personal Sabbath only answer calls from friends or family and keep that computer/ email off!! Yes, don’t even take a peek at your emails! Don’t let a thought of work enter your head. Don’t make work phone calls, or be tempted to catch up or prepare for the week ahead.

Believe me, having spent yesterday (I am writing this on a Monday) following my own good advice – I was up and ready for work bright and early this morning, feeling refreshed, grounded and rejuvenated.

How can you face the week feeling grounded, calm and at ease with yourself spiritually, mentally and emotionally? Commit to a personal Sabbath and feel the difference!

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