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The truth your diary speaks!

Have you ever wondered why your life is so stressful or why you feel so depleted at the end of every day, and sometimes even when you wake up in the mornings? The answers may lie in the pages of your diary.

Have a good look at your diary. There is often a difference between what we say is important to us, and what we actually spend our time on. For each of the areas in your life (Family, Intimate relationship, Career, Money, Spiritual, Health, Leisure, Home) rate how important it is to you (use a scale of 1 to 10) and then rate how much of your attention/ time you give to each area. The bigger the gap between importance & attention, the more stress you are going to feel.

To improve the quality of our lives we must give the most attention to what is the most important to us! This exercise will show you, without a doubt, what your priorities and values are. So you say that your family are really important to you? How much time is scheduled in your diary for them? You say fitness and health is paramount to your success. Are the workouts scheduled in your diary? You say that quiet time for connection with your God/ Universe/ Higher Self serves you well. So are regular sessions splashed all over your diary?

When there is a gap between your values and your actions you are inviting stress, discontent and emptiness into your life. How long can you carry on sustaining the gap? What will happen to you physically, spiritually and emotionally if you continue like this for another 10 years?

Commit today to scheduling time for something that you value into your diary every week. This is about taking control of your life and acknowledging your values and needs. Do this for a month and discover the difference you can create in your life.

Kirsten Long

“We can tell our values by looking at our checkbook stubs.” Gloria Steinham

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