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Jo’burg Child Welfare is urgently looking for the following items for our children’s home in Soweto.

Bunk Beds
Linen for single beds (including duvet and pillow inners)
Table and chairs
All other kitchen utensils
Throws/blankets for couches
Bedside lamps

If you can assist us in anyway, please contact 011 298 8565 and we will arrange someone to collect your donations. 

Maureen runs a creche in Diepsloot - Bambi Care. Her passion for children and the dire need she saw in her community prompted her to start the crèche in 2006.  She currently has 35 children ranging from 11 months to 6 years and opens her doors at 05h00 in the morning and many of the children only leave after 19h30 in the evening when the parents of these toddlers return from work. She has wanted to buy a house to run the creche but was only able to find one to rent and the owners are wanting to sell the property.  In order to try and pay for this she has taken a job  teaching special needs children in Jukskei Park and has managed to save R10 000.  She unfortunately needs R65 000 to buy the house and the owner has given her the next 6 months to come up with the money. She is in desperate need of funds in order to buy the house and is willing to pay the money back to the donor but for all obvious reasons she doesn’t qualify for such a loan from a standard financial institution.  She is in the process of setting up Bambi Care up as an NPO – this is however a lengthily process and time is not on her side – this also means that she is unable to assist with any CSI tax certificates at this point in time, however, Maureen is setting up a separate bank account to act as a trust account for the funds to be used to purchase the property.

Maureen appeals to any corporate or individuals to open their hearts and assist these children under Maureen’s love and guidance to assist in raising enough funds to purchase the house they know as home. Each little bit will help in getting closer to a dream for so many of our future leaders.  No offer will be too small.

If you need more information, please contact: 083 324 0320 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   & Website. Registered as a non profit organisation N.P.O. 051-318, Public Benefit Organisation P.B.O. 930 026 251

Help feed the giraffes. Before you toss away that tree branch or foliage, there is a long necked animal who might appreciate it more than the dumpsters.  The Joburg Zoo is appealing to members of the public within the vicinity of the zoo to help out with browse fodder for the giraffes. According to Sandra Hlungwani, giraffes are predominately browsers, as 75 per cent of their diet consist of plant materials. Although the zoo is doing its best to provide them with brose daily, it is not enough, given the fact that the amount of browse they receive is either too little or of low nutritional value. The animals feed predominately on leaves of the following plant species: mulberry, Rhys Iance, Acacia sub-species, Celtic African Jacaranda tree and other edible species. Details: Piet Malepa at 082 437 0266 or 011 646-2000 ext 249

Uitkoms is a registered Children’s Home that offers shelter, protection and counseling to girls of every race and religion.   We have a vacancy for a bilingual resident Housemother with sober habits and recent references. Must be in possession of a valid driver’s license. No dependants.  Previous experience managing teenage girls an advantage.   To start 1 May 2008 or by arrangement. Salary on request.   Fax CV to: 011 487 1183 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." target="ˍblank">E-mail   Enquiries: Mrs Elmien Potgieter (011) 648 0400

"WIGGLES" playgroup in Alberton North requires help. They help parents and children that can not afford more than R400 a month for daycare. At the moment there are 28 children at the school, from 6.30 till 7.00 at night sometimes. The school is not making any profit at the moment.  They are in need of a few things. Like tables, Chairs, Furniture, Books, TV, Stuff for the baby section, Cots, Plates Cups, Story Books, Matresses. Playmats. TOYS TOYS TOYS. Paint to paint the classrooms, carpet's.  They even need help with burglar proofing for the windows. They require Playgyms anything you can think of. Every little bit will help. Wiggles Playgroup is not asking for any money only require some equipment to better the education and we would like to make the classrooms fun for the children. Please contact JOHN on 072 088 0091 he will gladly collect anything that you have. You are more then welcome to visit the school at No 6 Porthean, Street, Alberton North.

Hi All, I would like to introduce an amazing woman and her family. Nomonde looks after 32 abandoned and HIV/AIDS children aged around 4 months to 9 years. She does this with help from her 3 grown up children. They do most things themselves such as giving these children love, food and shelter. They also pay for just about everything themselves including paying the rent (R6 500 a month plus water and lights), buying medicines and food out of their own pocket although they do get donations of food, but never know what they will receive.  If you or your company can help them in any way she would be truly grateful. There are many things that they need and any help is appreciated and will help her to provide these children with a loving and caring home.

The list of items they use and need regularly are:

Nappies: Pampers sizes 1,2, 3, Any baby wipes, Formula: Nan Perlargon, Promil S26 6-12 months and S26 3, Nan Starter 1 and follow up, 2, Nido 1+ growing milk. Panado, multi vitamin, DPH cough mixture (she normally buys 2½ litres at R360 a bottle which lasts on average 2 weeks to a month). Normal toiletries like toothpaste, toothbrushes, sunlight bath soap, toilet paper. Household cleaning products like dishwashing liquid, washing machine soap Savlon and Detol etc. We would like to get Crèche guard for her to build up the kid’s immunity. Linen: sheets, duvets and covers, pillow and covers  ESPECIALLY blankets for winter. Food is always welcome, especially kids cereals (Nestum, oats etc), they use 7 loaves of bread a day.  Meat, mielie meal and other basic foods like fruit and vegetables. They also need beds for the children as well as Nomonde. They sleep on thin mattresses on the floor. Nomonde herself also has no bed to sleep on. Thanks for your support. Aniki 082 7353440

The Teddy Bear Clinic for Abused Children is very short of second-hand clothing for girls aged between 4 - 14yrs. Your donated clothing would be most appreciated! Please could donations be dropped of at the 2 Floor, TMI Building, cnr Empire Road and Joubert Str Ext, Parktown, between 08:00am and 16:00pm from Mon to Fri. Karen Bailey 011 481-5118. Your help is most appreciated!

THE SALVATION ARMY - Firlands children's Home have an annual fund raising Fete each year. They are desperately looking for a group of volunteers to help sort out goods that have been given to them to sell on the day. This entails sorting through the goods for each stall, bagging and pricing them as well. The Volunteers usually meet on a Saturday morning but are most welcome to come and give their time on weekdays as well. The home is situated in Linden JHB. Any one who is interested can contact Roxanne on 083 625 9353 or Elaine on 011 476-3576. Help is desperately needed and would be most appreciated!

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