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6 Easy parenting Tips

Jill Murray is the author of this eBook - 6 Easy Parenting Tips.

Jill is a divorced mom of 3 teens and draws from her extensive experience in raising 3 children on her own. Parenting is not an easy feat and there will be some trials along the way. Learn how, in this easy to read eBook, you can train yourself to be a Super Parent in a matter of a few weeks. The cost of the book is USD 5 (revised edition coming soon)



Holiday Kids Activity eBook


21 pages of activities for you to download to keep your child  busy at home this holiday.
As soon as we have received the payment confirmation an email will be sent with the download link. Payment is USD2 

  Sight Word Lists 11 lists 


BlankThis is a download of 11 lists of dolsch or sight words to help your child with spelling and reading. Payment is USD2



Maths Times Tables from 1 to 12 and a list of prime numbers (coming soon)


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