Dear Readers

I decided that 2013 has to be different. Last year was an awful one for me. I'm not that old, but I am old enough to have heard, seen or felt most of "this" before. At the end of last year I was banging on about how our kids are spoilt with too many toys, and how so much of the same rubbish is being dished up at the movies and on TV time after time. So I'm sitting in front of my PC wondering how this year I will keep you reading week after week. How will I challenge you, keep you entertained? How will I leave you with something to think about EACH WEEK THAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE IN YOUR LIFE? It's a bit of a challenge! I don't know if you get bored like I do. But if you don't get bored then perhaps this year you should try it. I am finding boredom and embracing it during 2013.

What do I mean? Well, every emotion we have originates somewhere and I have decided that if I feel bored I need to find out why and make a change. I will give you an example of what I mean. Yesterday I looked for a book to read on Amazon and I eventually downloaded a preview of a book my sister recommended. I started reading it and I could feel a haze coming over my brain. What really got to me in the end was the name of one of the characters in the book. His name was Rocky Van Dirbin. What possessed the author to use such a silly name? I know that it wasn't just the character's name that put me in a haze, it was that nothing in the first 15 pages really meant anything.  I closed the Kindle application and Googled "the top 100 books to read while alive". On the list I saw the title "The Life of Pi". It's a book highly recommended. The cover put me off a bit, but I thought that it could hardly be worse than the book i tried earlier. I downloaded the preview and have hardly stopped reading. I am now halfway through the book and I have loved every chapter. I am totally enthralled by the Story, the storytelling, the characters and the plot. Now this is a book worth reading. The main character is Pi, and the reason he is named Pi is an interesting tale in itself. I won't spoil the book for you, instead I urge you to read it. And so far it's the kind of book you could read with your family. When you read a Story (with a capital S) it isn't boring, or dull, it's not "same old, same old", rather it should be entertaining, thought provocing, amusing and cognitively engaging. 

If you get bored with anything this year, whether it be my newsletters, or some other newsletters you receive, books, movies, people, conversations etc, then embrace the feeling. Take the feeling on board and think about why it is boring. Maybe it's your subconscious telling you it is rubbish. When you identify the raeason why its boring do something about it.  Maybe people will lokk at you weirdly or think you are strange but who cares? Sometimes I'm listening to friends or acquaintences and I feel so disconnected from them. They don't look at me when I am speaking, they drone on without really connecting to me either. Another example - I met an old friend, not a good friend but someone I saw at my kids school everyday for about 5 years. She is really nice and I always considered her a friend. Anyway we are catching up, as one does outside Pick n Pay, and we each ask after the kids etc. Then she says how are you Jill? I said "actually I'm not doing too well."  my "friend didnt even blink, she just started rattling off about something else and as I watched her I realised that she is so disconnected she could be talking to any old stranger. I realised that so many of our conversations, well at least a lot of the ones I am involved in, are with people who are disconnected to themselves, to their lives and to their environments. I don't want to be like that. So if you don't get bored, maybe you should wonder why you don't get bored. Perhaps you are disconnected too? Is your life stimulating, are you making the most of your job, and are your family relationships stimulating and real? If you can't answer "yes" to these questions maybe you are in a slump, and just plodding along? 

I don't want to ever be disconnected again. I don't want to waste precious time talking and listening to rubbish. I know I am not the only one who feels like this, and I know that many people are so bored, disconnected or swamped with "busyness" that they can't think straight. So 2013, I've decided to do things differently, and it's not going to be boring.

Regards, Jill Murray

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